Monday, July 9, 2012

We are back from our extended camping trip to Leadville.  We have been going for the last few years, so even though there was a fire burning near Leadville and a total fire ban was enacted just days before we left, we decided to go anyway.  We rented a pop-up again, which just makes it all the easier to stay for a longer period of time.  Usually we get a day or two of heavy rain at some point, but we didn't get that this time.  It is still nice to sleep up off the ground and to have a place inside to sit and relax.  If we had somewhere to store it at the house we probably would buy one, but not sure it's worth it to buy one and pay to store it somewhere when we only use it once or twice a summer.  It seems that we never have as many free weekends as it seems we should during camping season.  Scot's only on-call twice this summer, which is a nice change since sometimes it has been as often as every 4-5 weeks, depending on how many employees there are.  Anyway, it seemed to go well.  The boys and I drove the trailer up on Friday afternoon, and then Scot drove up after work with the bikes.  The kids mostly played around the camp with their friends, riding bikes or playing frisbee, but we also walked down to the lake a few times for fishing.  Scot got to take a couple bike rides, with and without the kids, and then one day we all went on a trail around Leadville called the Mineral Belt trail.  It has lots of information and artifacts posted along the trail, so it was fun.  It was a 3-mile climb to the summit, so the kids were not too thrilled with that part, but they made it and were rewarded with a 6-mile downhill.  They probably did about 10 miles total of the trail.  Scot rode the last couple miles to get the car because it was all uphill again once we got into town, and we just waited at the park for him to come with the car.  We had pizza in town one night, which was nice.  There is a really good pizza place there, which we usually order on 4th of July before the fireworks, but since they were cancelled this year, we just went to the parade in the morning and then headed back to Denver to see fireworks here at the Rapids game.  It turned out to be a really good fireworks show, but it took us forever to get out of the parking lot afterwwards.  It was a long day!  Now we are back to our regular summer schedule, which is just the track and field class 3X a week.  Declan is really enjoying it, and Owen is putting up with it.  His friend from soccer is taking it also, so at least he knows someone.  We are trying to get some trips in to Elitch's, but this week the weather is a bit cool for the water park. 

Owen has all his new furniture in his room now, but is still working on getting things put back in.  I am just as happy if most of it stays out to get rid of, but he needs to decide soon so it's not all sitting down here in a big pile!  I see a yard sale in our future, if I can get my act together to organize it.  Now the kids are more willing to get rid of things if they can get a little money for it, but I would rather just donate it most of the time.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Well, I have to say that it's been so long since I've posted anything, Blogger is all different now.  I did a little updating of my scrapbook site so I think I figured out how to do the things I usually do with the new format.

I have no good excuse for not writing, so I'm trying to force myself to join the world again.  I spend a lot of time by myself during the school year, and it just seems to make me more melancholy, so I'm trying to perk up for summer.  I am proud of myself for finishing Owen's room, which included getting everything out of there so I could paint all walls and clean the carpet.  Owen helped a lot, which was nice.  It's easy for him to do the roller parts with the paint, so I focused more on the trickier spots.  It has been way too hot for painting lately, so I think I finished just in time!

My friend that I've known since 2nd grade just came through town on her cross-country journey.  She is moving from Washington, D.C. to a town near Ashland, Oregon.  She is traveling with her boyfriend who decided to make the move with her, and they seem very happy.  They were unable to find a hotel room here, which was surprising, but I guess there are a lot of fire evacuees staying in rooms, and there is also a big sports tournament in town right now.  They stayed here, which worked out just fine.  Scot and I just slept downstairs in my craft room.  They were worried about the U-haul, but there is parking for that on the main road next to our house.  The only small issue was that her dog was even more alpha than Tobey wants to be, so fur was flying.  We were able to keep them apart most of the time, but it was kind of funny seeing Tobey scared of another dog.  Usually he is the one with the bullying tendencies.  I found a babysitter so we went out to dinner for a couple hours, which was a nice treat.  The kids just don't seem to like sitting around listening to adults talk while eating slowly for some strange reason...I think they were happy to get to stay at home!

We're getting ready for camping and I'm picking up the pop-up rental tomorrow.  The kids and I will leave Friday afternoon and then Scot will drive up after work with the bikes.  It's not really a surprise, but fires were totally banned a couple days ago, so that was kind of a disappointment.  It's a small part of camping, so hopefully we can still have fun and get away from the heat.  Since fireworks are cancelled we'll come back on 4th of July instead of having to get up early and rush out of there on Thursday morning to get the rental back by noon.  I am wondering if there will be any fireworks anywhere since one county has banned the commercial displays so I'm guessing the others will follow.  Also a disappointment but completely understandable and probably the best plan for our state right now!

Monday, December 12, 2011


I am happy to say all the birthday parties are done for the year. Owen finally decided he wanted try laser tag for his birthday. We've never done it before, but I saw that they had it at Boondocks, so I decided to have his party there. We had 8 kids, which is a nice, manageable number. I ended up changing the time at the last minute since it turned out to be the same day/time as the soccer club Christmas party, which he also wanted to attend. Luckily there was space later in the afternoon and everyone was able to switch. We got out there and the first part of the party is at the table with the pizza and cake. Luckily it didn't happen until after we got our pizza, but there was a sudden power outtage. It flickered once and came back on, but then it went out again. We had no idea how long it would be out. The party hostess let the kids go outside and play miniature golf even though that wasn't part of our original plan. They came back in afterwards to have the cake and open presents. The power was still out so Owen started getting upset and crying because he had only wanted to do laser tag and of course, all the indoor stuff wasn't working. The go-karts were still running, so we got in line for that, and just as we were about to get on, the street lights came back and power was restored. The kids were all freezing from being out doing the go-karts, so they were happy to come in and finally get to play 2 games of laser tag since we got extra ride tickets due to the power failure. So the party went on a little longer than planned, but they all got to use their arcade tokens and everything, so it turned out o.k. in the end. After Declan being sick for his party and the snow storm, I thought I was going to be 0-2 on birthday parties this year!

Scot is taking the day off tomorrow, which is very rare, but he got some extra vacation days in November and has to use them or lose them. Of course by the time he got them, the vacation calendar was pretty full, so he had to pick some random days. He has two days off in a row next week, also, so that is nice, but tomorrow is even nicer since the kids will be in school and we can do something just the two of us.

I'm not sure we are going to get any outside lights up this year, which is kind of sad. We still have a lot of snow from last week since it hasn't really been warm enough to melt off like it usually does. I guess it's only the 12th, but for some reason, it feels like Christmas is just around the corner! I did design our Christmas photo, so I just need to get those printed and I can start sending out some cards.

Monday, December 5, 2011


Well, we are back from Mexico and being thrown into the chaos of December. I am trying not to get too stressed, but honestly, it's not my favorite time of the year, apart from the fact that my parents are coming to visit!

We left for Cancun on a Tuesday. My friend Dawn and her family had flown out the day before and unfortunately had a 3+ hour delay for their flight, but luckily ours was on schedule. We parked at a park-n-ride and took the bus to the airport so we wouldn't have to deal with airport parking and it was also cheaper. I had a little issue at security, but otherwise we got through pretty quickly. I refused to go through the big scanner so I had the pat-down. Luckily they didn't try to put the kids through that since I don't know what I would have done in that case. Our flight was direct to Cancun, so once we were on the plane it was smooth sailing. We got in a little early, even. We went through passport control and then made our way outside to the shuttle. We made two stops before our resort, but we got in around dinner time. The kids were disappointed that there were no green drinks waiting for us like last time. We saw Dawn in the lobby so she walked with us back to our room, but they had dinner reservations for that night so we ate in the buffet. We caught up with them after dinner in the game room.

Our room had a king bed and a pull-out couch, so like last year, we used the cushions from the couch to make one bed and the kids took turns sleeping on the floor or the sofa bed. Wednesday was a warm, sunny day so we headed out to the beach/pool. I prefer to swim in the ocean, but the kids ended up spending a lot of time in the pool since they were doing games there and water polo. The pool water was definitely warmer than last year, since they had just opened the main pool as we were leaving. Since the ocean water was clear, we checked out some snorkel equipment and snorkeled around the beach area. The resort did a Mayan show at noon since it was Mexican day. That night they had the outdoor Mexican buffet, which had some yummy food. It was disappointing that they didn't have the games for the kids like last year, or the pinata.

Thursday was another warm day so we again hung out at the beach/pool. In the afternoon we had a chance to take out the sea kayaks. They had some double ones, so Scot took Declan and Owen rode with me. That night we had dinner reservations at La Riviera, so the kids all went to the kids club for a couple hours. We fed them first in the buffet. Their friends were there, too, so I think it was not so bad for them to be there.

Friday we had all booked an all-day excursion to Xel-ha. We were only there for the afternoon last year and felt pretty rushed. We had to leave early since there were some stops at hotels in Playa del Carmen, but there was a breakfast buffet opening when we got there. We ate and then went out snorkeling. We ended up at a trail that led us to a rope swing, so the kids had fun swinging off into the water. We walked more and made it to the big cliff jump. I was very impressed that both the kids jumped off, twice. I decided to try it, and I have to say, it was kind of scary from the top, but I did it. We made our way down to the zip lines and then took a lunch break. We did more snorkeling after lunch and then just relaxed in the kids area and hammock area until it was time to get on the bus. Even though the driver told us to wait by this sign, no one was there so Scot finally found the bus and everyone was already on it, even though it was before the meeting time. Luckily they didn't leave without us!

On Saturday the weather was getting kind of windy, but it was fun to have some waves in the ocean to play in. The guys also started in with the beach volleyball. We ate at the steak house that night, although I actually had some salmon. It was better than the mediterranean restaurant, but it was closed last year so this was our first chance to try it. Sunday the weather was pretty breezy but we still played in the pool.

Monday we booked an excursion to Selvatica to do some zip lines. We were up above the tree tops and it was kind of windy, so that made it more exciting. Declan was very worried and didn't want to go, but the guy chatted with him and put him more at ease, and after the first zip line he was fine. Scot went upside down for one of the ziplines, but I didn't try that. I was afraid my glasses would fall off into the jungle! After the ziplines, we went on a bungee swing thing, and then took an army truck to a cenote for a couple more zip lines into the water. It was too cold for me, but Scot and kids took the plunge. We got back to the resort in the afternoon, so we had a late lunch and then hung out with our friends for the evening.

We had to check out at noon on Tuesday but the shuttle wasn't coming until 1, so we packed up and did some last minute swimming. Scot and Owen went snorkeling in the resort cenote since we hadn't had a chance for that yet. After checking out, we hung out at the snack bar until the shuttle arrived. Everything was fine at the airport and on the flight home, and we ended up back at the house around 9:30 p.m.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I have been feeling somewhat scattered since school and sports started up. We have something going on every night between soccer practices and scouts, but luckily most of the time we are done by 6 so it doesn't interfere with dinner too much. We are getting into the routine, though. I am trying to get to the gym again, and have gone to three one hour classes this week so far.

The kids had their first soccer and baseball games last weekend. Unfortunately, most of their soccer games are at the same or similar time, so Scot and I will have to alternate. I watched Owen's game, so this weekend I will take Declan. It was nice to see Owen's team win after the spring, when they didn't win any games. They got moved back one division, and it seems like a much better fit. Owen played well, and even took the ball up for a shot on the goal, which I've never seen him do before. I keep telling him he needs to practice all the positions and not just stay in defense, so I guess he is finally thinking about it. When he moves up to U-11, he has to try out, so I told him he would have a better chance if he practiced playing in both offense and defense. I guess Declan's game went well and he scored 2 goals. Sunday was baseball, and that went pretty well, too. Declan wasn't feeling well, but he did get one hit. Owen also hit the ball out to center field, but unfortunately, the guy caught it so he was out. He got walked the second time at bat. I'm glad he got a good hit since he really struggled with that last fall and got discouraged. I didn't really expect him to want to do it again, but he is on the team with several kids from school, so that is nice. Declan also has a few friends from school on his team, and some are siblings of kids on Owen's team, so he has kids to hang out with for Owen's games, which tend to run longer. It keeps our weekends pretty busy, but I actually enjoy watching them play.

As for me, I'm not doing much besides trying to exercise. I have 3 bags of clothes the kids have outgrown to donate somewhere, but I haven't had the courage to start in with the toys. Some days I just feel like getting rid of it all! I'm helping at the school library for a couple hours on Friday mornings, which is when Declan's class comes in, along with about 4 others, so it gets busy! Owen doesn't have a library time set aside this year, and can just come down when he wants something. He is reading the Percy Jackson series at home, and another book at school, so he really hasn't needed to check one out. I'm going a field trip with Declan's class on Friday to the Botanic Gardens, so that should be fun. We had a ton of rain today, but it's supposed to be nice again by Friday.

I haven't watched very many movies lately, but I did watch I Love You, Phillip Morris, which I enjoyed quite a bit. I am also watching The Good Wife on DVD and really liking that. I am trying to watch Dexter, but the 2nd disc has been on very long wait, so I am only 3 episodes in. There are a couple new series that look interesting, but I'm not sure I will bother with many new ones since shows seem to get cancelled so quickly. I would rather wait and see if it pans out and then watch it on DVD or online.

I am reading The Blade of Shattered Hope by James Dashner. It's the third in a young adult series. The author is writing another series that I started first and really liked, so I am waiting for the 3rd one of the Mazerunner. I also just finished the Rob Lowe autobiography. It was interesting to read after reading Melissa Gilbert's autobiography, in which she goes on and on about Rob Lowe and how they were soulmates, but it didn't work out because of the timing and the trappings of fame. Rob Lowe mentioned her about twice in his book. lol

Monday, August 29, 2011

Yes, I am lame. I need to get into the habit of updating more now that my days have slowed down a little. We are still kind of nonstop during the afternoon and evening since soccer and baseball are starting up, not to mention Scouts. Somehow the schedule has worked out pretty well except that Owen's scout meetings are scheduled during one of his soccer practices, so we need to see how we can work that out. Luckily it's only through October so maybe we can alternate leaving soccer practice early and being late to scouts or something.

We just booked a Thanksgiving trip to Mexico, back to the same resort we went to last year. I'm very excited, and happy that our friends just booked up, also. I think the kids are always going to expect to have friends with them on trips now! I need to look for a good deal on a waterproof camera since I am unhappy with our little point and shoot anyway. It just isn't focusing very well any more, and I'm afraid it's a sign that it is wearing out. I bought it back when Owen was in preschool, so it's kind of old by now, I guess! I am also looking into getting some prescription snorkel goggles so I don't miss out on that again due to my handicap. I really wish I could wear contacts again, but I'm scared to try after my eyes got so irritated last time. Maybe I will be brave enough to get that surgery. I think I would be happy in the end, but it is a creepy procedure. I guess that's why they offer you a valium before you go in!

We don't have any special plans for Labor Day Weekend. I am hoping the weather is nice one of the days since we were hoping for one more day at the water park part of Elitch's. Scot hasn't really had a chance to go to that part as much as we did. We also might check out Taste of Colorado downtown, although I am not into the crowds. It can be fun to try the various foods, at least for us adults.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

This is me, this morning, taken with the webcam but filterized with Photoshop, just for fun. I am really looking forward to the hair cut I will be getting while I am in California! I had a slow start to the day, sleeping in until 10 a.m., thanks to earplugs. Owen had a friend sleep over last night, and they got up pretty early, as I expected. Luckily Scot got up and I was able to catch up on some sleep. When I got up, I saw the email about the adopters being approved for Dottie. They came and picked her up this afternoon. I hope she is settling in well. I gave them the blanket she had been sleeping on while here so she would have something familiar with her. The timing was actually pretty great since we are leaving on a series of three trips and she would have to be shuffled off to someone else's house while we were gone anyway.

Yesterday Scot and I saw Horrible Bosses. It was pretty funny. Next on my list is Harry Potter, but I will wait until the crowds die down. Rio and Kung Fu Panda are both at the cheapy theater right now, so I'll probably take the kids to see those if we get a chance. Our days seem to get booked up pretty fast. I'm hoping to get one more trip in to Elitch's this week since it's supposed to be pretty hot. It's easy to spend the day at the water park part of it!

The kids are signed up for their fall sports, which will be baseball and soccer. I knew Declan wanted to do baseball again, but I was surprised when Owen said he wanted to, also. They both have friends playing, so I'm hoping they get the teams I requested for them. I still need to get school supplies, but that can wait until we're done travelling. We'll still have two weeks left of summer after we get back from Pittsburgh.