Monday, July 9, 2012

We are back from our extended camping trip to Leadville.  We have been going for the last few years, so even though there was a fire burning near Leadville and a total fire ban was enacted just days before we left, we decided to go anyway.  We rented a pop-up again, which just makes it all the easier to stay for a longer period of time.  Usually we get a day or two of heavy rain at some point, but we didn't get that this time.  It is still nice to sleep up off the ground and to have a place inside to sit and relax.  If we had somewhere to store it at the house we probably would buy one, but not sure it's worth it to buy one and pay to store it somewhere when we only use it once or twice a summer.  It seems that we never have as many free weekends as it seems we should during camping season.  Scot's only on-call twice this summer, which is a nice change since sometimes it has been as often as every 4-5 weeks, depending on how many employees there are.  Anyway, it seemed to go well.  The boys and I drove the trailer up on Friday afternoon, and then Scot drove up after work with the bikes.  The kids mostly played around the camp with their friends, riding bikes or playing frisbee, but we also walked down to the lake a few times for fishing.  Scot got to take a couple bike rides, with and without the kids, and then one day we all went on a trail around Leadville called the Mineral Belt trail.  It has lots of information and artifacts posted along the trail, so it was fun.  It was a 3-mile climb to the summit, so the kids were not too thrilled with that part, but they made it and were rewarded with a 6-mile downhill.  They probably did about 10 miles total of the trail.  Scot rode the last couple miles to get the car because it was all uphill again once we got into town, and we just waited at the park for him to come with the car.  We had pizza in town one night, which was nice.  There is a really good pizza place there, which we usually order on 4th of July before the fireworks, but since they were cancelled this year, we just went to the parade in the morning and then headed back to Denver to see fireworks here at the Rapids game.  It turned out to be a really good fireworks show, but it took us forever to get out of the parking lot afterwwards.  It was a long day!  Now we are back to our regular summer schedule, which is just the track and field class 3X a week.  Declan is really enjoying it, and Owen is putting up with it.  His friend from soccer is taking it also, so at least he knows someone.  We are trying to get some trips in to Elitch's, but this week the weather is a bit cool for the water park. 

Owen has all his new furniture in his room now, but is still working on getting things put back in.  I am just as happy if most of it stays out to get rid of, but he needs to decide soon so it's not all sitting down here in a big pile!  I see a yard sale in our future, if I can get my act together to organize it.  Now the kids are more willing to get rid of things if they can get a little money for it, but I would rather just donate it most of the time.


  1. Enjoyed your posting of the trip to Leadville and glad it is cooling down a little in Arvada!
    love, Mom

  2. I was just checking to see if you are still updating this site and if I'm just not getting notifies. But nope, you haven't been in awhile. Update already! LOL I'm one to talk, I took a break since July but I'm updating again with a changed url.